An interview with Patrik Wiren (Misery Loves Co.)

An interview with Patrik Wiren (Misery Loves Co.)
Διαβάστε τη συνέντευξη στα Ελληνικά

Misery Loves Co seemed to be ready for bigger things in 2000, what happened and you just split up? Which were the reasons behind a choice like this? Did you have problems with your label back then or you were satisfied? Shall we expect a reunion?

There wasn’t any big drama behind the decision. Personally I felt a bit tired of the whole thing. I guess I wanted to see what the outside world was like and if there was any room for me somewhere else. Regarding the label, yeah I think we felt we had some problems but that’s something I left way behind by now. Reunion? Never say never.

Was the European market ready to support and embrace a band with a sound like yours?

Odd question, but eh… Yes and no? Sometimes people tell me we were way ahead of our time but I’m not sure. We were very much influenced by contemporary bands.

What is your favourite Misery Loves Co era?

I still enjoy the last album.

Name your 10 favourite vocalists and your 10 favourite bands.

The first ten to enter my mind…
BANDS: Ramones, The Clash, Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Cult of Luna, Black Angels, M.I.A, Arcade Fire, God Machine, The Cure.
SINGERS: Joey Ramone, Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Mark Lanegan, Johnny Cash, Beth Gibbons (Portishead), Nina Simone, Joe Strummer (The Clash), Tom Waits, Julian Casablanca (The Strokes).

Which are your instructions for the new musicians?

Do it yourself.

Misery influenced a lot of bands can you propose us some new alternative metal bands? Back in the 90s a lot of great groups came out of Sweden I recall Mental Hippie Blood, Drain Sth and Eleven Pictures what was the vibe back then in your country?

I think the only band we felt really connected to when we started was a band called Peace Love & Pitbulls. But we also loved the straight edge hardcore band Refused and, of course, Entombed who ruled the Swedish metal scene in the 90’s. New alternative metal bands in Sweden? I saw Cult of Luna in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and it was absolutely amazing. As always.

In 2013 I think, apart from Cult of Luna, In Solitude, Bombus and Watain have released really good albums that you might consider new, alternative and metal.

Which are the things that made you proud through your music career?

Supporting Slayer at the Brixton Academy in London! But more than anything I am really proud of the last album we did, ”Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share”. I also like the way we followed our instincts and never made things easy for ourselves. Like when we toured with Paradise Lost in Germany and opened our set with Shitlist by L7. Probably not the smartest thing to do if you want the audience – consisting of very conservative german metal heads – to love you, but…

What are you listen to lately?

I listen to a lot of music all the time so it is kinda hard to say. Today: Kanye West! Sisters of Mercy! Amon Tobin! Bad Boys! Bauhaus! Death!

You have toured a lot, share with us stories from the road and
your favorite bands you have connected with!

I think I’m going to let Nick Holmes from Paradise Lost do the talking:
That was a pretty intense night… We toured with Entombed for two months and became really good friends. Me and Olle from Misery even formed a band with Ulf Cederlund, guitarist in Entomed, a few years later (Alpha Safari).

Whats the story behind epic tracks like Sonic Attack and Happy, and how did you choose this name, is it something that has to do with the moody climate of Sweden or with your personalities?

You might be right. The long cold winter bring out the most depressing side to our personalities. To be honest I can’t remember where those particular titles came from. Sorry! But thank you for showing interest in the band this long after we split-up. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your time!


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