Interview with 65daysofstatic

Interview with 65daysofstatic
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65dos are back, with a highly anticipated album, 3 years after "We Were Exploding Anyway". In the time between, there was a soundtrack release for the eponymous 1972 film, Silent Running. The first notes of Wild Light, reveal, again, a different music approach than the previous band's release. Joe, from 65, is here to let us know more about the band and Wild Light.

Hello Joe and thank you for your time. So, for starters, how did the band was created? What's the “concept” behind the band, its name and the lack of lyrics?

Well, it was a long time ago now. We started because we all really, really wanted to make music. I guess the initial concept for 65dos came from Paul. Paul was at university in Sheffield and was spending quite a bit of time becoming shit-hot at sampling, instead of being with other humans. So he kind of had the idea for starting a band that mixed the best of visceral guitar music with the sort of bleeps and beats and stuff he was making in his room. Me, Joe, went to meet him at his house because we had a mutual friend, and we just sort of started the band right there. We didn't really get good until Rob joined, and we got even better when Simon joined too and we decided to be best friends forever. We didn't have a singer, so we didn't have lyrics, it was that simple.

You have released exceptional material, but personally I consider your live shows – no matter how cliched that might sound – even more exceptional. It becomes pretty obvious, to someone who has seen you onstage, that there had been quite a lot of work beforehand for such a result. How hard is that kind of preparing for such a live show?

It's been really challenging re-learning 'Wild Light' in a live setting. Back in the day we wrote albums that were pretty much what we played onstage, but later on, records like 'The Destruction of Small Ideas' were studio creations, and they were really difficult to interpret live. These days, we're much better at transcending the two disciplines. All the same, Wild Light really came together in the studo, so we've had to unmake it down to it's barest elements and then rebuild it in a way that makes sense. We do love to play live though, and 65daysofstatic have always been concerned with being a great lived band.

Tell us a bit about your cooperation with the guys from Medlo and, more specifically, about when they augmented your live shows with their visual effects. How much of a difference is there with such a cooperation with a third party?

Well, again, working with Medlo on live shows was a long time ago. I don't think they'd be particularly offended if we said that the visual stuff we worked on with them, was , like the music, fairly rough round the edges. The content of those visuals was a while ago now, so I can't remember all of it. They generated a lot of original stuff, but what I liked best about them, and what we had in common with them was their willingness to steal from other people's work. So we used a fair bit of the film 'Watership Down' for the visuals for Await Rescue for instance.

What would you change in today's music scene, if you had that ability?

Which particular scene do you mean? I'm not sure 65 are part of any scene. To be honest, if you think about that stuff too much, you'd end up getting very little done as a band. The major label model of the music industry is quite clearly dying, but that's not really something that concerns us, as we've never been part of it. It's going to be interesting to see if smaller labels can find a way to make enough money to support new music in the years to come, as that seems to be one of the more fundamental changes even in the relatively short period 65 has existed.

Are you working with any side-projects?

Maybe Paul has plans for a new Polinski record, but I'm not sure. He's sat right here let me ask him.

Me: Dude, have you got any plans for a new Polinski record?

Paul: No.

So that's that.

You've been all around the world performing countless live shots, you've released quite a lot of material and you've been recognized way outside the post-rock scene circles. Are there any other ambitions or goals that you've got your sights on?

Yeah, we'd like to go round the world again. We'd like to survive as a band and make greater records. Our new record, Wild Light, feels like the start of being in a new band for us. To be totally honest, we'd like more people to come to our shows so we can play bigger rooms and put big lights shows on in them, and learn to triple backflip off the drumkit so everyone goes nuts.

Silent Running and Indie Gogo. How did that spring to mind?

Well, we were pretty bored and annoyed with dealing with labels after releasing 'We Were Exploding Anyway' with Hassle Records. We had all this music written for Glasgow film festival, where we were going to soundtrack Silent Running live. The response to that was excellent, and enough people seemed to want it made into a proper record, so we thought we'd try the crowd-funding route out. The rest as they say, is history.

In your previous album, you've one step further enriching your sound by adding quite a lot of electronic elements. That was considered quite a surprise by lots of your fans. Tell us a few words about your new album and what your fans to expect to listen to.

Wild Light is our new record. We absolutely love it. It took us a couple of years to write, and it drove us pretty crazy doing it. It's kind of a culmination of everything we've learnt being in 65dos so far. It has less going on, but hopefully it does those things better. It has a strong electronic element as well, but it also has a cathedral of guitars and a fortress of drums on it. It feels like the beginning of a new era in 65's life.

Thanks a lot for your time. Are there any plans on seeing you soon in Greece? On your last show you said that it took 3 years for you to come back and it will take even longer after that show.

We'd love to come back to Greece! Let's hope it can happen soon. I see you arrested some of the bad guys in your government yesterday, and that's a pretty good thing. I hope life isn't too difficult in Greece, as it looks pretty hard over there in the newspapers. We hope everyone is taking care of each other the best they can.

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