Interview with Xana La Fuente

Interview with Xana La Fuente

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Hello Xana , please tell us about your beautiful site and your blog.

The website and blogsite were created with help from some good friends. As a result of the fact that what I do on social media sites had gained an audience, we figured why not take it to a level where what is said and shown in word and photos and links to music, can all be saved. The fun blogs like the fashion stuff and pet stuff is all the icing on the cake, the stories that people want to hear like the stuff that’s in the Grunge Storyteller blog, was what made it worth the time, energy, and money to make sure it is all archived. The youtube channel has videos that I have filmed over the last year of Seattle bands as well as our “ Just another beautiful day” series which I hope to expand to other cities as well as the documenting of music. Would I love to go on tour and document an epic tour-of course! Am I young enough to do it? Hell no! Hopefully I can eventually get some other photographers on board, and well I am on the topic, please note that with all the blogs, there is a Facebook page directly linked that people can add stories, recipes, whatever they want to contribute, we are always open to contributions to the creative content.

You were the muse and girlfriend of Mother Love Bone’s Andy Wood, how long have you been together? What do you remember most of him?

I was with Andrew for several years. I remember, loved and miss the same things about him that everyone who knew him did…his sense of humor, his music-he wrote constantly, he was the Mozart of grunge, and would have new songs almost daily or would have new parts to ad to songs, I was always working on his clothes, so it was a constant creative atmosphere. I miss everything except the drug use that killed him.

Mother Love Bone were a band of great potential , which are your favorite MLB songs, were they destined for success?

I don’t really have any favorite Mother Love Bone, Malfunkshun songs or Andy solo songs, they are all awesome, I never did like Half Ass Monkey Boy as a song, and even asked him not to record it because I thought it was dumb and a lame song, but I think its fair to say I’m getting my revenge now! I have always said and thought that there are many song that deserve as much or more radio play as any Pearl Jam song, and still do not understand why they do not get radio play or why the remaining members, label and management have not tried harder to get some of the songs on soundtracks, if for no other reason to help Andy’s mom and brothers. Were they destined for success? The rest of the band has clearly shown that music was their destiny and Andy’s was someplace else. I do not believe he would have been able to not use drugs throughout the 90’s and stay in a touring band. So it is hard to say what would have become of him had he survived the overdose that killed him.

Layne Staley wrote about that beautiful summer of Long Gone Day, tell us something about those days. Τhe last years everyone seemed to be interested in his drugs related problems, if you had the chance to erase them all, what is his legacy as a human being as a friend and as an artist, how do you choose to remember him?

That summer we spent a lot of time outside. I think everyone else was working regular jobs or busy otherwise, maybe already at a level of heavy drug use, but not us, he and I and Demri would go to Lake Washington alot. I had money and a car and would go there every day or to Alki Beach if it was warm enough, Lake Washington is warmer and there are all these semi private beach areas where you can have a radio, take some food and a blanket, a few beers and lust lay around. He would write and draw more than anything, Demri would be buzzing around talking to people and I would be swimming mostly. I guess when I think about it, it was the most free summer I had, because the previous years were with Andy and I always worked, and after that summer Alice would be touring and Demri and I were in L.A. and from then on were strung out and drug use ran amuck and ran our lives completely for the next several years. There was no more ‘ freedom ‘. Of course the last years were surrounded by everyone fears and the sadness of Layne’s existence. It was no different for any of us, famous or not. We were all strung out and would not take the help offered and we all fucked up our lives and everyone around us. Period. I love Layne but it doesn’t mean I have to love his behavior or even have to try to understand it. I never have, I don’t feel I need to know what made him want to escape so much that he would let himself get to the point where he was huffing gold paint and lost all his teeth. I just think of it as a rebellion that only he had the power to overcome and it never seemed like he wanted to. Like Kurt, he kind of enjoyed being down and miserable, it was just the way they were. Nothing and no one was ever going to change them or the outcome. I plan on writing in the Grunge Story teller blog more about Layne’s art because I have some great stories surrounding the Mad Season artwork, but that is how I remember him as a quiet and well-mannered artist.

Chris Cornell was the roommate of Andy Wood, Temple of the Dog was his tribute to him is it hard to listen to this record? What is your favourite Soundgarden record and your favourite Chris Cornell memory?

Temple of The Dog is an amazing album and I have never had a problem listening to it, that would be unbearable, what does make me a little sad is that I think the album’s profits should have been given to a drug charity since that is what Chris and the members of Heart and Ian from The Cult promised to do, they were suppose to start something and never did, so giving the money made from singing about his death should have at least been partially donated to a worthy cause , not just pocketed. All my favorite memories of Chris will be revealed in time, I am not anxious to tell any stories until I am ready, it’s not something I can really do on command. I will say that I love him like a brother and that I miss having him in my life. My favorite Soundgarden song is Little Joe.

Ian Astbury dedicated Sacred Life from The Cult self titled album to Andy do you like the Cult?

The Cult was one of my favorite bands in the 80’s and 90’s and I know I am the reason Andy ever liked them, that is just a fact, because he teased me about them for a long time, and then when I played Electric over and over he finally grew to love Ian. I did know about the song and I have seen and spoken to Ian since Andy died, in fact he sent me a huge thing of orange orchids after he died. It has been many years, but of course I would love to see him again, I tried recently when they played in Seattle, but the overzealous roadies bamboozled me. And as I mentioned, the promise by him and other musicians to set up some kind of charity under Andy’s name was never fulfilled, so there hasn’t been many chances for us to talk, but I would sure love to talk to him someday and hear some new music from him.

Pearl Jam or Stone Temple Pilots?

Okay you are treading into dangerous territory asking about Pearl Jam! I really have no opinion, because I only recently started listening to them, I am not a big fan of the radio hits and may have a totally different view if I had been played the good songs that are rarely heard. Now Stone Temple Pilots, love the music, but as most people on Facebook know, one of my favorite stories to joke about is pushing Scott Weilend down a flight of stairs, so I don’t think I can say we are good friends!

Which are/were the most underrated Seattle bands?

Seattle’s most under rated band, Skin Yard, period.

Which are your favorite new Seattle-sounded bands?

My favorite new Seattle bands, are The Walking Papers, The Missionary Position-anything with Jefferson Angell, The Lush Tones, Scarecrow Messiah, Jami Nova, Anything with J.T Phillips, Ranе Stone, and Amanda Hardy and Jason Kerston who perform together and record and are pursuing careers separately, I have high hopes for, they are the “ New Grunge Kid’s on the Block” also, Peter Cornell has surprised everyone with his comeback!

Seattle in the 90’s and Seattle today, name the differences, how was the vibe back then and how is life today.

I don't know why it took 23 years, but this last 12 months and surely the next 12, are full of excitment and what is making the difference is the lack of hard drugs, Yes there is support and hard work, but when there is Herion and Coke and Meth, there is nothing even the best support systems and families can do. The energy in Seattle is great and there is magic all around!

Thank you very much for your time, for this great interview. We wish you all the best!


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