An Interview With Skyclad

An Interview With Skyclad

Skyclad Is one of the Oldest Music Bands In Folk Metal,Originating From Newcastle , UK 1990. These Days They Are Getting ready For An Epic Comeback In Greece. A Few Days Before The Tour The Two Founding Members Of Skyclad Steve Ramsey (Acoustic & Lead Guitar) And Graeme English (Acoustic Guitar & Bass) Talked To Music Festival Webzine And Answered Fan Val Nuevo’s Questions Regarding Their Upcoming Tour, The Band’s Past And Their Future Plans.

Music Festival: Good Evening Skyclad And Welcome to Music Festival Webzine… We are Very happy for this interview… So What have you been up to lately?

Steve: Rehearsing for our shows in Greece of course :-) we are playing a lot of music this week with the acoustic set as well as the rock one. We’re looking forward to doing another acoustic show in Thessaloniki this time.

Music Festival: It’s been almost 30 Years since Skyclad Was Founded and 25 Years since the seminal “Prince Of The Poverty Lines” Was Released. What Do You Keep From Those 30 Years In Existence?

Graeme: It’s always been a lot of fun being in Skyclad , good to know we’ve influenced a lot of bands over the years and have a large back catalogue of some great music.

Steve:Yeah, we’re very proud of what we have achieved over the years and have enjoyed all of the shows we’ve played, especially in Greece.

Music Festival: Now I Wanted To Ask You About Your 14th Full Length “Forward Into The Past” That Came Out In 2017. What Was The Fans Response To The New Material?

Graeme: The album was very well received , it took a few years to get around to recording a new album but a lot of people liked that we’d gone back to what we do best and a load of the fans said it was good to see Duncan Storr back doing the art the work.

Steve: Great reactions from the press and fans alike. It was great to work with Listenable records this time too.

Music Festival: I’ve Noticed That You’ve played numerous times In Greece And In Different Parts Of Greece. What Is It That Attracts You The Most In Greece?

Graeme: Greece has always been a great country for us to play in, the fans there are so responsive to the music we play. I always remember the first time we played in Athens and the crowed was singing the riffs from our songs louder than we could play them.

Steve: Greece has kind of become our spiritual home right from the very first time we played in Athens. It’s great to finally play in a few different towns and cities now too.

Music Festival: How Do You Feel Returning To Greece After Almost two Years?

Graeme: As always it will be a pleasure to be back in your country, see a few old friends from our past visits and of course play some great shows. I’m looking forward to it.

Steve: I’m particularly excited because I missed out last time. This is my first time outside Athens and Thessaloniki.

Music Festival: Would You Like To Tell Us, Which Is Going To be the support Act On Your Upcoming Greek Tour?

Graeme: We have a band call Dreamrites with us on this tour and I guess a few other local support bands. At the Temple live club we also have Gauntlet & Strikelight.

Music Festival: 2 Years Ago, You Played For The First Time In Xanthi With Crossover Being The Support Act. This Year You’re Playing In Komotini For The First Time On The 11th Of April. Could You Tell us more about this Great Event?

Graeme: I personally love Greece it’s always been a great place to play , when we first started playing in Greece we seemed to just do Athens and Thessaloniki so it’s really nice that we can get to see a bit more of your country and get a sense of the culture & people and of course take in some of your great history.

Music Festival: What Can The People Who Will Attend Those Skyclad Shows Expect From You?

Graeme: We’re trying to cover the best of Skyclad on this tour and we are also doing an acoustic show in Thessaloniki, people can expect to have the usual great time with lots of jig pits going on.

Music Festival: Are You Familiar With Greece’s Financial Situations? What Are Your Thoughts On The Greek Financial Crisis?

Graeme: It’s never a good thing when a country get’s into financial difficulties, it always hits the working classes hard when cut backs are made. There has to be an equation that has to be balanced against what a country can earn from taxes and what it can spend and it just seems like so many countries are spending beyond their means and living on debt. I guess the UK might have a bit of a leaning curve when we eventually sort out our Brexit plans, it’s definitely not going to be a good thing for us.

Music Festival: What Are The Future Plans For Skyclad After This Greek Tour Is Over;

Graeme: We have a few festivals in this year, we have Wacken in Germany and Vikings 2 in Sheffield . Then we may start looking at getting some work done on a new album.

Music Festival: Thank You So Much For Your Time, I’m Looking Forward To Meeting You In Person In A Night Full Of Dance And Beers. The Final Words Of This interview are yours.

Graeme and Steve: Thanks for your support over the many years of Skyclad and looking forward to seeing you all on tour.

For Music Festival,

Fan Val Nuevo


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