an interview with Zak Muller, The Blood Republic

an interview with Zak Muller, The Blood Republic

1.Hello Zak welcome to Music give us a brief bio.


Hey Music! I am the singer and guitarist for The Blood Republic!


2.When did you decide you want to be a musician?


As long as I can remember really. I heard some of the kids from school doing drum lessons and they were playing the drum beat for ‘How You Remind Me’ by Nickelback in the hall next to my classroom. I remember feeling the bass drum vibrate in the room and how cool I thought it was at the time! So I asked my parents for some drum sticks and became obsessed with playing along to my favourite songs on air drums! Eventually a few years later I got my first drum kit and then a few years after that I fell in love with guitar. I always had a classical guitar since I was a tiny kid though as my Mum really pushed for me and my brothers to play as all her brothers are great guitar players! So yeah, being a musician has always been something on my radar for sure!


3.Any cool new bands you want to mention..What are you listen to lately? How is the rock scene in the U.K?


I don’t know if i’m into that many new bands as such. Although I do really dig a band a couple of my friends are in called ‘Big Spring’! They are smashing it at the moment, well worth a listen!


Generally when i’m not writing music though I like to listen to bands like Nine Inch Nails, Audioslave, Soundgarden and sometimes Alter Bridge.


The scene in the U.K is cool, like, there are lots of great bands that come out of the UK. And of course  its home to one of the biggest rock festivals in the world ‘Download’! To be honest though i’m not too sure whats popular at the moment in the U.K. I just know what I like and what inspires me personally and strive to make music that I can appreciate. With the internet now theres an audience out there for everyone.


4.What is your favourite music style?


I love so many music styles depending on how i’m feeling so its hard to choose a favourite. Mostly rock based stuff though. Its just such a broad spectrum when you say rock nowadays!


5. What music do you listen to that would surprise people?


Love a bit of Michael Jackson! Who doesn’t though?!


6. Name your 10 favourite bands?


Audioslave, Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, Alter Bridge, Nirvana, Velvet Revolver, Muse, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Alice In Chains.


7. Name your 10 favourite singers?


I don’t think I could even name 10! But there are three singers that have always really stood out to me and that inspire me to sing myself and that is…


Chris Cornell, Myles Kennedy, and Trent Reznor


8. What do you think a musician should do for a proper promotion of their music?


I think i’m yet to really discover that myself to be honest but so far from what I know I would say put music out there as often as possible, connect with fans on a personal level and understand who you are writing your music for. Above all understand what your influences are, if you know what your sound is and what larger bands you can relate it to then you know who is going to enjoy your music. Also just don’t be a dick.


9. Are you pro Spotify / streaming services ? Or do you think it hurts sales?


It definitely hurts sales but times are different now, music needs to be readily available for people. Income can come from things like touring and sales of more physical products. I’m only 25 though, I have only ever really known the streaming world since I became a working musician when Spotify was already huge. I think its good that nowadays people don’t have to rely on record labels to choose the music they should be listening to though.


10. Favourite albums of 2018-9


Honestly don’t think anything has come out within the last few years that I have really latched onto. My favourite most recent album was Fortress by Alter Bridge but thats a few years old now.



11. Best musicians you’ve ever met..Tell us stories from the road and the bands you liked the most sharing the stage with.


Met a load of great musicians when I was in my last band Wild Lies, we toured the European festival circuit with Iron Maiden. Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden invested in that band as his son played bass so we got pretty close with Adrian, he’s an absolutely stand up guy and became an inspiration to me as a musician and a guitarist and is just a general legend.


On that tour also got to meet one of my guitar heros Mark Tremonti, we ended up drinking together with Chris from Crobot after one of our shows and I ended up spilling vodka all over his dressing room which was super embarrassing. He was totally cool about it though, he watched us t a few of our shows too and had some nice things to say about my playing which was super humbling.


Also met Zakk Wylde, Trivium, Periphery, Disturbed and so many others I can’t actually even remember all of them. Was an honour to play in Wild Lies while it lasted!


Oh yeah, we also toured with The Dead Daisies and Last In Line so Marco Mendoza, John Corabi, Richard Fortus, Dizzy Reed, Brian Tichy. Man just so many great and legendary musicians it was insane. Can’t wait to get The Blood Republic on those stages.



12. Money or Fame?


Neither to be honest. I just really want people to sit down and listen to my music and appreciate it the same way I appreciate my favourite bands.



13. How would you like to be remembered


I would like to be remembered for being a creative and passionate person with musical talent and want to be able to speak to people through the music and relate to their lives.





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