An interview with Jud Friedman

An interview with Jud Friedman
Hi Jud, welcome to Music, what are your recent plans ..

Hello Chris, I'm getting on the plane and coming to Greece to meet you (laughs) ..

I think that's why you have to talk to Carlo Bellotti! I have to admit that Colour of the Night is one of my favorite ballads that hits me straight to the heart ..

To tell you the truth, I had a lot of hope for this movie, especially when I read the script, I'm glad for the success of the song and I'm really glad that you like it, but it's a case of a movie that did not do as well as expected.

It seems strange to me that it did not smash the box office with such big names (Bruce Willis)..  Though I know it is known as a cult film..

What's your favorite music era?

I like music from all era's but if I had to choose I would go to the 60s-70s with the Beatles who are still my favorite band. Every year there was a lot of progress, with all the music coming out of Britain, the compositions were different, there was tremendous quality and great variations they were all more lyrical and melodic, so yes that time mainly!

I know you originally wanted to become a great rockstar! What made you choose another career ...

(Laughter) ... The truth is I started studying the Law and when I went to New York, I tried to make my dream of performing music, And for a long time we played everywhere in the whole region and I remember one particular evening ... You know as an artist you are on the scene, everyone looks at you, even someone who does not have talent looks wonderful in the eyes of the world, successes with women and generally with everything that goes with the life of the famous. So I thought if i wanted to be a real rock star i should like this lifestyle, but I did not like it very much and It just wasn't in my character I personally  loved music so I picked myself up and I went to Los Angeles where I crafted my skills as a writer and producer!

What advise would you give to today's young musicians and producers?

Basically it depends on what you want to achieve, if you want to be someone who simply records and writes music with all the technology  out there it  is easy to be an independent artist and release your songs. On the other hand, if you want to become big, things are more difficult, because the music business today has changed since I started out! You have to be a good businessman too.

Listen to the classic pieces and think how you can put the productions of the past with todays sounds, you must also evolve and write continuously and all this is just the top of the iceberg. You also have to be very lucky and constantly knocking on doors.

I have always been such a person and I did not expect anything from anyone- There is therefore no specific answer, you must be excellent at everything and put in a tremendous amount of work to succeed.

Who were your childhood heroes ...

The Who, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Motown Artists, Steely Dan, The Supremes, Prince ...

What Music do you listen to...

I listen everything, classics of course but I also listen to a lot of radio for example Post Malone who I think is really talented, I also love Lucid Dreams of Juice WRLD, some Drake's stuff, 21 Pilots ... there are lots of nice songs out there.

Favorite singers.

Frank Sinatra Whitney Houston of course working with her in the studio was really wonderful, I was lucky I met many singers but Whitney was in a category of her own.

Tell us more about this great singer...

She was a truly a wonderful person, regardless of everything that's been reported, she was always smiling.

Very professional on our collaboration, in the studio she knew exactly what to do and what to sing- she was a great star but she was always aking me to guide her, we were talking about melodies and fillings in the song for half an hour.

I remember one time  the studio was filled with the producers from the Bodyguard movie, Whitney's and Kevin Costner's people, the record label. I was asked to sing a guide vocal in the studio for Whitney- and then she came in, Whitney sang it beautifully and yet she still asked me what I thought ... and even her mistakes were perfect, she was very humble and very easy to work with, a really great professional.

Do you believe that super stardom goes with self-destruction, we have countless examples of great artists.

It's been a very long discussion, those who missed their way like Whitney, Hendrix, Morrison are measured, but there are thousands of others who survived. In these cases, even for those who started very early, the pressure is very high, but there are also people such as Michael Jackson, Bieber, Lohan who did not manage to live their childhood since they were too young..This lifestyle is not normal for kids.You need strong foundations and a really good family behind to love and support you. But pressure is everywhere, everyone has to pay the bills..

Do you believe in the X factor.. ..

Yes, I believe you can see someone who does not have the star quality in real life and transforms into the scene, this is the case with many great artists, on the other hand Whitney may have been uncomfortable and yet shined in her jeans with her hair caught. Adele, for example, does not have the magic aura - the star's appearance but when you see her singing  she has  this something ... It depends on the case, I think most beautiful artists do not necessarily have the talent.

What is your personal philosophy ... What counts  in life ..

OH MY GOD!! Yes, that's what I think .. (laughs) Be nice, be a good father, a good husband, be a good son,a good friend, I love to write music but I love my people, my family, family first...

Thank you very much Jud!

Thank you Chris.


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