an interview with Carla Morton

an interview with Carla Morton
Hello Carla, welcome to Music Give us a brief bio.
Hi and thank you having me to your magazine! I'm writer and promoter for Antichrist, MetalWani and SkullbangerMedia magazines, I also manage and co-manage two Norwegian metal bands (Sarpedon and Dimension F3H), I help others bands how and when I can, I think this is all I can say for now. 
When did you decide you want to review and interview bands? 
Eveything begun in 2015, when the visual artist, Nader Sadek, asked me if I can interview him about his death metal project and since then, here I am.I also got to know and get in touch with WormHoleDeath records which I'm still collaborating with them, the label founder, Carlo, is like the second person to encourage me more into what am I doing today. New things are always on seems!
How is the metal scene in your country? 
I prefer not to comment this...
What is your favourite music style? 
Metal, mainly: black, death, dark, symphonic; I'm listening to all metal genres anyway, then besides metal, I like some rock bands too, I listen to non metal stuffs aswell.
What music do you listen to that would surprise people? 
People that don't listen to metal, use to become a little crazy or worse, to mock you for what are you listening, saying all the shits about the music style, but I don't give a fuck about it, usually I do not share or speak about the music I am listening to with people that are not on the same path as I am.
Name your 10 favourite bands? 
There are more than 10 that I like, ahahah, but to name a few of my favorite: Arcturus, Mayhem, Dissection, Ulver, Dimmu Borgir, The Kovenant, Megadeth, Rammstein etc.
Name your 10 favourite singers? 
It's a bit hard to answer here because I can't decide which ones are my favorite, there're many good singers.
What do you think a band should do for a proper promotion of their music? 
Work hard, I mean all the band members to be involved into this and promote their work as much as possible, even if they signed with a pr agency to do their work, not all are doing what they said, then the bands should also do the work for themselves.
Are you pro Spotify / streaming services ? Or do you think it hurts the sales? 
I am not against Spotify at all or any other streaming platform, in my opinion, they are good in a way, thinking about the ones that maybe cannot afford to buy the band's albums, is it enough for them to listen to them for free, but on the other hand, many bands know and admitted that online platforms reduced the sellings comparing to the past years; it is an ''ups and dows'' this subject.

Favourite albums of 2018.
Check mine here:

Best musicians you've ever met.
Obituary band, Hate band, Warrel Dane, Gaahl, Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity, and many more.
What’s the ultimate goal in the music business? 
For a band, to become famous, for labels and others, to do the right job.
How would you like to be remembered.
That's a ''tricky'' question. I've no idea, maybe to be remembered for the hard work and the effort I put for the magazines and the bands that I've helped over the years (the ones who cares for good).
What are your favorite music websites, labels, podcast etc? 
Hhhmmm, usually I don't read other magazines rather than the ones I'm writing for, ahaha, rarely it happens to read others when I see something interesting. Labels, the ones that are having the greatest bands signed in.



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