an Interview with Epictronic Artist, ETHEL

an Interview with Epictronic Artist, ETHEL

Hello Ethel welcome to Music When  did you decide you want to be a musician?  

At the age of 8, I decided that apart from dancing and sports, I wanted to learn music and sing .and since then all the rest of history

How is the music scene in your country? 

Wehave many great talents and names in Israel, like Ninet and Dennis Lloyd. Because of the Mediterranean mix, you can always find diverse artists and interesting  and creative music

What is your favourite music style?

Anything  that combines different styles and genres

What music do you listen to that would surprise people?

I adore opera concerts.

Name your 10 favourite bands?


Limb Bizkit

21 pilots


Depeche Mode


Daft punk

Die antwoord


Skunk  Anansie

Name your 10 favourite singers?


Lady gaga


Melanie  Martinez

Marilyn  Manson

Michael Jackson

David Bowie

Jonathan Davis

Zara larson

Amy Winehouse

What do you think a musician should do for a proper promotion of their music?

Write great songs, shoot crazy clips and never stop

Are you pro Spotify / streaming services ? Or do you think it hurts sales?

I'm in favor of Spotify, I think it serves the world of music very much because it
allows artists to sell less and create an audience through this

Favourite albums of 2018.


Atar mainer

Arctic monkieys

Best musicians you ve ever met..


What’s the ultimate goal in the music business?

Communicate your message to the world

How would you like to be remembered.

I'd just love to be remembered


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