The Path Of Athanor Is Full Of Horrors And Secrets…


It's been 3 years since the release of emblematic and 3rd (in total) complete album from Greek dark metal band Dimlight from Athens with title "The Lost Chapters" but they are now back with a new album and a new lead female vocalist.

The album's title "The Kingdom of Horrors" is ready to spread fear and narrate the story of an imaginary character that went through lots of hardships.

Finding out the new Dimlight's singer is Mora, I understand that it's going to be a very special album to be embraced by many people. At the start point of "Kingdom of Horrors", I realise that their experimentation and their imagination around their music are fully released, more freedom and more bonded ensemble.

Peter Invoker interprents flawlessly in high technique Growl level, which in combination with the female vocals, they fit like a glove, having immense chemistry, great blasting drums and more technical guitar performance from Nikolas Perlepe (Sorrowful Angels, Ritual of Gods).

What I noticed is the remarkable orchestration which troubled me at some points but I believe that it gave a special, unique note. In my mind it brought "Communion" by Septic Flesh but with their own variation which proved to be a success.


I can distinguish tracks like "The Red King", "Beryl Eyes", "Into the Thrice Unknown Darkness" and my favourite "Bleeding Sunrise". Crystal production, excellent recording and ideal mixing. Could be on of the best albums released this year for the greek scene. A well bonded summation and now quite determined.

If I compare "Lost Chapters" with "Kingdom of Horrors" I have to say that this new album got not one but a thousand levels up than the previous one. As a result of their hard work as professionals the last album is left miles behind.


Excellent artwork, which diligence is by the re-known graphic designer Manthos Stergiou of Manster Design. Very nice colors and intensity with a great atmospheric character. My only objection is at enorchestration which at some points restrict the guitar but I believe that this is something subjective. I believe that a small detail like this does not matter since the result is flawless and laudable. You that have been waiting for it be optimistic because what you are about to listen... is here to stay!


Soon "Realm Of Tragedy" & "Symphony Of Horrors" which are two parts of their new complete work.


For MusicFestival.gr,

Fan Val Nuevo


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