an interview with Faith from The Shiver

an interview with Faith from The Shiver

Welcome to Music Give us a brief Bio of Τhe Shiver.

Hello everyone, I’m Faith, singer and composer of The Shiver.

With the first two albums “A NewHorizon” and “The Darkest Hour” , we started building up our profile as a strong live act touring all over Europe as support band for PapaRoach, Misfits, Vanilla Sky, God Is an Astronaut, Dead Letter Circus, Tarja and many others, getting enthusiastic response by both media and fans alike for their great energy on stage.
We are currently spreading the world with the brand new album “Adeline”.

We hope “Adeline” can stick to your head and keep you coming back again and again.
We are currently on the road during Sept/Oct for a spectacular tour with The Rasmus.

Name your 10 favourite bands and singers.


Ok, Tool and A Perfect Circle, so Maynard J. Keenan

Dead Letter Circus, Kim Benzie

Incubus, Brandon Boyd

NIN, Trent Reznor

Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant

Black Sabbath, Ozzy

God Is An Astronaut (instrumental)

Pantera, Phil Anselmo

The Cure, Robert Smith

Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan

Deftones, Chino Moreno

Alice in Chains, Layne Staley

Faith No More, Mike Patton

…ok it’s something more then 10 … J

What is your fave music era and the favourite albums so far?

I have to say that in the last few years I’ve become a big fan of the ‘50s, so I would say the album named Elvis, of Elvis Presley of course. I love rockabilly and all that concerns.

Second choice, the ‘90s, best album Alice in Chains “Facelift”… grunge till the bones.

Which are your advices for the new musicians?

The first advice is: learn to play fucking good. Talent is nothing if you can’t express yourself completely with a good technique. The second advice is: be smart, it’s a cruel world and if you wanna do something you’re gonna eat a lot of shit, learn from the others, learn from your own mistakes and with a lot of humbleness go forward step by step.

It’s not easy, and the road is crowded…

Who were your childhood heroes?

My dad, for sure. It was total adoration. I’m searching for other characters but I cannot find any other.

Any cool new bands you want to mention..What are you listen to lately?How is the rock scene in Italy?

Well, we’re in tour right now with Overlaps, female fronted rock from the far North-East of Italy, they are really cool.

The Italian music scene is kinda buried into the ground, there are few great new act, I can mention Venus in Furs (Pisa), White Room (Massa Carrara), Adimiron (Rome), Shores of Null (Rome), but in the past few years all is dead. Live venues are dying as well, there’s not enough audience and there’s not enough money for ART and MUSIC. We’re wasting away our best feature.

What do you think of the demise of the legendary Chris Cornell?

Well, it has been hard. I was not too much into Soundgarden, I was more into Audioslave, but when I heard the news… Holy shit. For people a little older then me it was a tragedy, for me the tragedy has been the departure of Chester Bennington. I was listening to extreme metal in my teen years, not to Linking Park, but unconsciously listening this nu metal / rock band on Mtv was a routine. When I knew his death I’ve been really tore apart for a month, and I couldn’t even understand why.

Probably because Chester with his sadness was expressing the issues of a whole generation, and when I started to read the lyrics I felt so much inside them.

Depression and Suicide are still TABU arguments, but I think that everyone should be free to live or to leave, when this life is too heavy to bear. Of course, the people around should help you to consider and to choose, but who I am to judge and condemn someone to live a lonely life just because IT HAS TO BE LIKE THIS?

When you’re alone, you feel empty, there’s no one who is your friend, you have no mission, every day is the worst thing ever, how could I say “C’mon life is wonderfull!”, this is an hypocrisy.

Which are the things that made you proud through your music career?

So many things actually…

People sometimes (outside the music world) tell me: come one you will do great things one day, but I already did it…

First, I live with my music, and this is the best goal. I’m not rich of course but I like what I do.

Few years ago I performed with Giuseppe Ottaviani at Nature One Germany, and we played a song we wrote together in front of 50,000 ppl who were singing it.

Another great thing was going on tour with my fav n.1 band Dead Letter Circus in 2016.

After 2 years, my tour diary became a book, available now in Italian and English, and this makes me really happy.

Another thing among many, I played in Exit Festival and Faith no More were there as well…

So… I’m not like sharing my stuff continuously, I don’t like it, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything … ahaha!

Money or Fame?

Mmm mmm I don’t like either. I would say: a life playing music. Comes what may.

Vinyl Cd or Pc?

… I love Vinyls BUT I have to say that right now the hottest thing for the masses is Spotify on your mobile phone. Holy Shit. I don’t like Spotify, I prefer Youtube actually. I’m vintage already ahahahhahah!

Tell us stories from the road and the bands you liked the most sharing the stage with.

Uh, too many. A great one is in my book “Tour Stories”– check my personal fb to order it by a personal message, it’s about 2016 tour with DLC and TarjaTurunen: best stages ever and worst nightmares (we’ve been kidnapped by a crazy driver and we risked our lives indeed!).

Another crazy story I was thinking to write in a Volume 2 of “Tour Stories” happened in San Petersbourg. I love that city.

We went on tour with Papa Roach and then we went back as headliner for another tour.

Our hosts were based in that city and in the first days off we went around sightseeing.

They took us for a rooftop tour – a big attraction there, and we climbed above a very tell building. The sight was wonderful. Then, we heard a knock-knock from under our feet…

The hosts were white for the dread… An old man with a gun came toward us and he started to talk in Russian language menacing us.. We had to go away immediately or he would have shot to us…And no one would have ever found our bodies actually. Wow.

Thank you!



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