Interview With Gyorgy Varga (Verilun)

Interview With Gyorgy Varga (Verilun)

Gyorgy Varga Answered On Questions Of Fan Val Nuevo For Hello Gyorgy, welcome to How are you?


Gyorgy: Hi guys, hello everybody! We are fine, thank you for the question, and we are just over a couple of month pause and (enforced)rest– as regards music -, we are re-loaded and ready to work and put something on the table again. First of all, congratulations about your “Through Fire In The Sun”Could you tell us a few things about the album? Where did you record it?


Gyorgy: Thank you! We are basically satisfied with this album, I think we made a quality metal record, we could come up with some good melodies with a powerful sound. I consider this album as the first step in the life of Verilun on a path which makes us possible to improve further and create some more stuff on higher levels. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in a small village in Southern Hungary in a studio, called “Eagle’s Nest”, owned and operated by one of our friends, and Krisztian’s ex-bandmate. We recorded our previous album here too, and I think we’ll spend some more time in this studio in the future. Which is the response from the fans so far?


Gyorgy: The feed-backs are 100% positive. I have not seen or heard of any bad opinion or displeasure. Even the album reviews have been surprisingly good so far. The only problem is the number of responses: unfortunately as far as I could see the information on the release and existence of the album has not reached too many people. How did you inspire the album title and what are you talking about?


Gyorgy: This phrase originates from an ancient Hungarian belief, saying, that all our fathers and ancestors live in the Sun, everybody goes there after finishing this life, and we, the living could get in touch with them through fire. Moreover burning the corpse of a deceased makes easier for the soul to get to the Sun. The lyric of the title track is about a ritual suicide by fire of a man, who fulfilled all his tasks in his life, and he got permission from his fathers to join them this way. If you had to put a tag on your music, which would be that?


Gyorgy: It’s not so easy to choose one, since we are mixing a couple of sub-genres of metal in the music of Verilun. Basically we play a kind of mixture of black and death metal on a melodic and epic way, so maybe the term “melodic death/black metal” would do. Who did the album cover and what does it depict?


Gyorgy: I made the artwork. It is the visual view of the event, I described previously in context with album title. There is a burning pyre in the front and a sacred and mysterious hillside in Hungary, called “Pilis” in the background. What are your biggest influences?


Gyorgy: The music of Verilun consists of the ideas of 2 persons preferring quite different styles. Krisztian is more into the technical, death- or thrash-like metal music, he listen to always that kind of stuff, while I place the atmosphere and melodies into the focus of our music, and I listen to a lot of things from black, death metal to classical music, ambient music or speed and power metal. Do you have any plans for live shows?


Gyorgy:We have only ideas or wishes. Unfortunately the line-up is not complete, so currently we cannot accept any invitations for any gigs. We are busy continuously with trying to find a drummer, but we could not manage so far to get one. It would be very great to play the new songs on front of an audience, and I’m afraid, if we could not find the drummer by the time the next album gets released, some of the will never be played live… What are your future plans? Do you have new material?


Gyorgy: The agreed plan for the rest of this year was either to find a drummer and prepare for live shows or - in case of being not successful in it – to start working on a new material. The deadline for this decision was the end of this summer, and since no drummer yet, we have “officially” started working on the new album. There are no new songs yet, we are just making the first steps of the creative work, but the future plan is to come out the third album on the 10th anniversary of Verilun’s existence in 2020. Thank you very much for your time. The last word is yours.


Gyorgy: Many thanks for this interview, it is a great pleasure to be contacted by you and to be presented on I think it will let more people in Greece get to know Verilun, and I do hope that sometimes in the future we’ll have the chance to visit you and make some fantastic gigs there.



Fan Val Nuevo


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