an interview with Anthony from Flat Earth

an interview with Anthony from Flat Earth
Some of them you’ve heard before of, some perchance not. But that is of no consequence. The key is Linde, Gas, Niclas and Anthony are gathered here, in the presence of public eye, to be united a new glorious union called FLAT EARTH.

Albeit the musos have cut their teeth in circles far bigger (i.e. HIM, Amorphis, Polanski…) than their current merger, hailing from Helsinki, Finland FLAT EARTH is anything but your run-of-the-mill ‟super group”. The fearsome foursome is an ideal amalgamation of love for music, every band member’s unique skillset and battle-tested charisma, completed with a dynamic of a band that has been playing together for aeons.

The audible musical signposts point to the heydays of alternative rock, takes a nonchalant bow to the forefathers of all things heavy with a pinch of wistful psychedelia. Magnetically melodic, playful, exhilaratingly unconstrained and thoroughly permeated by vocalist Anthony’s passionately melancholic overtones, FLAT EARTH delivers in the same parcel both the beauty and the beast.

Gas & Niclas robust yet subtle rhythmic dynamic work pave the perfect runway for Linde’s guitar solos to freewheel and Anthony’s maudlin yet contemplative singing that gives the band’s sound a tint of mawkish desperation that sets them apart from any other band you’ve heard.

Welcome to Music Give us a brief Bio of Flat Earth.

Flat Earth is a four piece rock band formed last Autumn in Helsinki Finland. We played our first shows this summer and are now getting ready to release our debut album this Autumn.

Whats the sound and style of music we should expect from the post HIM era?

The distinctive sounds that we own as individuals are all very recognizable. So therefore I guess a lot of people can find very familiar elements from our sound. Musically we play around in the realms of heavy, distorted, progressive, aggressive rock with a lot of emotion. On some songs the meat is very tender and pink, on others we ably more heat and flame to get that lovely crispy burned texture on the surface. But there's definitely a lot of meat in our sound. Expect to enjoy classic rock sounds without nonsense processing. More emphasis on the persona of the players than computer wizardy.

Name your 10 favourite bands and singers.

These types of answers can vary day to day, but I'll give you what comes to mind right now. Mastodon, Kuyss, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Pink Floyd, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, Prince, Fun Loving Criminals.

Favourite singers is a lot tougher case, cause I don't generally separate the vocals from the music. But I enjoy when a singer has a personal voice that compliments the music. Maynard James Keenan is an excelent example; I wouldn't rank him that high as a techincal singer, but as a presence and combined with the music of his bands he's just unbelievable. And that for me is much more of relavance than any technical capacity that one can possess.

What is your fave music era and the favourite albums so far?

I have to say the nineties. The way the overall sound of rock evolved from the very underwhelming eighties is just unbelievable to me. Probably the best example of that sound supremacy is Soundgarden's effort "Superunknown" released in 1994. The production on that album is just out of this world.

Which are your advices for the new musicians?

Try to find that place where you can be happy with yourself. Self confidence makes you so much more productive, even if you're doing it only for yourself. Learn from others, it helps your own evolution to happen faster. Question everything and aim.

Who were your childhood heroes?

Kurt Cobain provided the rolemodeling, while Tom Cruise balanced the scale. No wonder I'm a little weird.

Any cool new bands you want to mention..What are you listen to lately? How is the rock scene in the Finland?

Pentagram from the seventies, man that stuff is good. I don't follow much what's happening with new bands, cause I have a strong dislike towards the world that 'it's all happening' in. I'm very ignorant I know, but at the same time I would need to listen to a million new bands to find a handful of good ones in my opinion.

I've worked in quite many clubs here in Helsinki and I've seen hudreds and hundreds of bands on stage just to realize that there's a lot of kids who just wanna play music. The scene is optimistic, but not too realistic. The time we're living in is an awkward era for live music. It's tough to attract people away from their computers where everything is free. So bands just need to survive without any income. I don't know how the clubs manage to survive, and frankly not many of them do. So I'd say the scene is as good as a yesterdays burger found from the floor next to your bed. And this is generalizing it quite radically, but only because I'm concerned and sad for the state of rock music. But this doesn't mean there's no good rock coming, quite the opposite. This is just the way the industry is struggling now.

What do you think of the demise of the legendary Chris Cornell?

It left behind quite many questions that most likely won't ever be answered truthfully. This one hit me hard. He was the most inspiring musician in the whole world to me personally. I couldn't help but think that how fucked up it is to look up to this man's craft and his over-appealing way of making music that I consider pretty much perfect. Like, am I idolizing the kind of pain that ends you in that way? I was disgusted and lost thinking about for many weeks. But with time you get perspective and realize the real scale of things. I don't think I've listened to Soundgarden since it happened.

Which are the things that made you proud through your music career?

That I've been able to make these friends that I play with into brothers of mine. That's the biggest achievement. I'm proud that the younger me made a decision to pursue music with all costs. Not sure I would do the same in 2018.

Money or Fame?

I've never had either so this is a tough nut to crack. I'd say why not both if you can have a good conscience.

Vinyl Cd or Pc?

A vinyl player with a decent soundsystem is the optimal way to consume music. So vinyl hands down.

Tell us stories from the road and the bands you liked the most sharing the stage with.

Oh man these guys of mine have the most ridiculous stories from the road. They've been everywhere and they've seen it all. So I better keep my mouth shut and just enjoy their storytelling. Do ask me again in three years though.


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