an interview with Jamie Lee Smit

an interview with Jamie Lee Smit

Hello Jamie and welcome to Music Give us a brief bio, tell us about you.


First of all, hello to everyone and thank you for this interview.


Since my childhood, I was attracted by the artistic world. I took ballet lessons for one year, Hip-Hop for 6 years, singing lessons at the age of 8 and I was part of various bands of musicals (many performances and recording of 'an album).

In secret, I wrote in French texts of songs quite dark.

In 2006, I am interested in metal music and I will be successively singer of 3 groups of metal before creating my own band in 2009, at the age of 16, AZYLYA, a group of melodic metal.

After the release of an EP, we signed, in 2011, with the Italian label Wormholedeath. In 2013, our album came out and we performed on the scene of many festivals across Belgium and Europe (PPMFest, MFVF, Dames of Darkness ...).

In 2014, the Italian label Epictronic contacted me to make an album in French but in a different style, indie rock. I sign with the label and it will be my producer Ricky Daga who will compose all the music of the album and I will write all the texts. The album will be recorded in Italy at the studio Titan Lab, 7 titles in French and 3 titles in English. This album will be released in 2015.



- 2009 - Big Bang Blues / Jamie-Lee / Musical / Jazz / Blues

- 2011 - Thanatos' Insanity (EP) / Azylya / Metal

- 2011 - Road of Consciousness / Jamie-Lee / Metal rock opera

- 2011 - World of Glass / Azylya (compilation) / Metal

- 2013 - Sweet Cerebral Destruction / Azylya / Metal

- 2015 – Mon amour Monique / Jamie-Lee / Indie Rock

- 2018 - New single:” Tu n’es plus mon problème”/ Jamie-Lee / Indie Rock


Name your 10 favorite bands.


It's quite difficult to answer this question because I like a lot of different styles of music, so I'll mention those that come directly to my mind: Queen, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Avril Lavigne, LP, Pink, Carter Burwel, Shakira, Epica, Johnny Cash, The Pretty Reckless and Stromae.


What was your fave music era favorite albums?


My first musical favorite was for Avril Lavigne and her album "Under my Skin", I was about 10 years old.

As for the metal, my favorite albums are those of Epica and in particular "The Divine Conspiracy".

I discovered Johnny Cash with the song "Hurt" from the album "American IV: The Man Comes Around" and since then I often listen to his albums.

I also like Stromae, a Belgian singer, probably the best known now, whose originality and lyrics I love. My favorite album is "Racine carrée".

Tell us about your new album?


Currently, I look forward to May 18 and the release of my next single in French: "Tu n’es plus mon problème (You're not my problem)." A clip shot in Italy will be released the same day. I also thank Maria Molano for playing in this video and Pole Digitalpix for Firmline Network for having shot my second clip. Thanks to my label Epictronic and Carlo Bellotti, I was very lucky to receive a song written and composed by Jud Friedman, Allan Rich and Alan Glass. It was indeed a great chance to work with Jud Friedman who wrote for the greats like Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, James Ingram, NSYNC ... This single was mixed and mastered by John Cornfield who worked for Muse. In short, I had a crazy chance. The recording was made in Italy by my producer Ricky Daga at Titan Labs Studio. A second title composed by Ricky and whose lyrics I have written has also been recorded already.


Any tour plans?


No tour planned for the moment but certainly acoustic dates.


What else should we expect in the near future?


Apart from the music and the promotion of my new songs, I can tell you that I am writing my first novel.


Who were your childhood heroes?


As a child, I was immersed in the world of cartoons and Mulan was one of my models because of her strength of character and her courage. I have been raised with respect and love for animals, so I have great admiration for all those who care for the well-being of those beings who are too often abused. The story of Dian Fossey also marked me permanently. Saving gorillas or any species is a fight that must continue to be fought.

I also had to see the movie "Gone with the Wind" dozens of times because Skarlett O'Hara, her heroine, fascinated me.

I will end by quoting my parents because I had a very happy childhood, that I love them from the bottom of my heart and that they are examples for me.


What are you listening to lately?


For now, I am often immersed in music by Shakira, Carter Burwell and Disney.


Tell us about your collaboration with Epictronic.


Excellent because Carlo Bellotti and Epictronic trust me. In addition, there is a real team in Italy who works with me since the first album. Ricky Daga my producer and bassist, Michele Gigioli, the drummer and Fédérico Zappattera, the guitarist. They all worked on the first album and re-recorded the music of my next single. There is also Pole who has already done two of my clips. When I go to Italy, I'm too happy to see them all because they are cool and very professional. I hope to continue with them because I feel comfortable with all, without exception.


Money or fame?




Favorite books and movies!


I have always been a movie buff. I love horror movies especially when it comes to movies about ghosts. I enjoy thrillers but I also let myself be moved by romantic comedies or comic films. I also like movies based on real facts like "The Conjuring".

Films: "Gone with the Wind" (1939), "The Silence of the Lambs",

Books: "Simon, l’enfant du 20ème convoi" (Françoise Pirart - 2008), "The World's Most Evil Psychopaths: Horrifying True-Life Cases" (John Marlowe – Les plus dangereux psychopathes - 2009)


Thank you so much for this interview 


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