an interview with Mission Jupiter

an interview with Mission Jupiter

Welcome to Music


Give us a brief Bio.


Hello Chris. We would like to say thank you for this interview on Music portal.

Our band is located in Minsk, Belarus. We were formed in 2015. The history of Mission Jupiter’s forming is remarkable. Initially, the future project was organized as a musical experiment. And when the project was created, no one thought that the activity of the band would become something significant and compositionally mature.

The curious fact about Mission Jupiter band is that we have quite different musical preferences. This fact made us write music that would go beyond the ordinary view and preferences of each musician.

Musical liberalism is the main aim and source of inspiration for the band – we think, this can become a slogan for our band. What concerns musical style of Mission Jupiter, to our mind, it can be described as Alternative-Dream Rock. This is, in some measure, invented music genre but we hope it reflects our versatile music.


Name your 10 favorite bands and singers.


Mhhh! It’s quite complicated question because all members of the band have different musical preferences. Of course, we have a lot in common and it’s mostly about atmospheric and non-standard approach when writing and recording musical stuff, but the tastes really differ. I think we can enumerate these bands: Massive Attack, Dream Theater, The Gathering, Bring Me The Horizon, Jamiroquai, David Bowie, Bjork, Him, Leprous, Radiohead. Well, it was really tough to choose.

Regarding singers we would say that the list can be even longer depending on the genre of singing and personal tastes. We should mention the following great singers: Ella Fitzgerald, Melody Gardot, Bjork, Ville Valo, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Brian Molko, Jared Leto, Chester Bennington, Freddie Mercury, Bono.



What is your fave music era and the favorite album so far?


Well, we love music of 80–ies and 90–ies. By the way, 80-ies is the beginning of musical experiments. The emergence of new sounds and synthesizers led to huge changes in music industry. As well, we shouldn’t forget about heavy metal and glam rock / metal scene. Mainly, this music era formed people’s ideas about the image of rock musician and rock music as well. Honestly speaking, we love different music eras, really, in every period of time you can easily find brilliant and outstanding music.

Mission Jupiter band was strongly influenced by the classic rock / metal / progressive school, but, at the same time, our music is stuffed with modern music features. And we are happy about that!


Hhmmmm, favorite music album... It’s hard to answer. But I would say Massive Attack album called “Mezzanine”. This is totally great album with awesome mixing, atmosphere, songs and arrangements. It was released in 1998 and it sounds so modern and relevant. We have all quite different tastes in music but this album meets all our preferences.



Which are your instructions for the new musicians?

Be original (you should write and record something really special and unordinary if we speak about serious music. Undoubtedly, many bands and musicians can say that almost everything has been written and it’s totally difficult to create smth new and unique. And the answer is yes, that’s true, but the band has to mix different genres, find new forms in music not forgetting about the strong song and catching vocal melodies. Useful advice from many outstanding musicians is the following: just right a good song!)

Work hard (don’t let your laziness win. Pay attention to every detail in your band, only this thing can help you grow drastically. While pursuing your dream it doesn’t really matter how much efforts you have to make. In general, entertainment industry is extremely tough and contradictory area. You have to make people pay for emotions, for something non-material, but not for a piece of good Dutch cheese. You have to be really good in what you are doing in order to draw people’s attention.)

Find right people (you have to be communicative. Only working with right and professional people will let you win and succeed in this crazy international music market. We don’t speak about local bands in this point.)

Don’t give up (this is a sticking point for most of the bands and musicians. We all face huge problems and difficulties while trying to achieve our aim, but music industry only deals with strong and purposeful personalities. Sometimes you’re upset but sometimes it remains only one kick / blow to reach the target. )


Who were your childhood heroes?


If we speak about music these are the following musicians and bands: Placebo and Brian Molko, Muse and Matthew Bellamy, My Chemical Romance, Dream Theater and great guitarist John Petrucci, another wonderful guitarist Steve Vai, The Gathering and Anneke Van Giersbergen, Jamiroquai, of course Radiohead and Tom Yorke, 30 Seconds to Mars, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and many more, we can enumerate them a long while. By the way, Nastia loves jazz singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Dina Washington, Billie Holiday and etc.


Any cool new bands you want to mention. What are you listening to lately?


To be honest with you we can’t name new bands that we love simply because we don’t have enough time to open them. But we hope to correct this tendency. Right now we are mostly concentrated on our career, because we are excited about our new release and don’t see what is going on around.

But recently we have started listening to the latest album of Bring Me The Horizon called “That’s the Spirit” and the band called Mutemath. These bands sound very interesting for us, and there is much that we can learn listening to these bands.


What do you think of the demise of the legendary Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington?


We think this is absolute tragedy. It’s doubly sad that Chester Bennington was found dead in a month after the demise of Chris Cornell. For sure, they were huge friends and, sort of connected to each other. We can just point out that they are legendary musicians.

We can’t understand why such outstanding and famous musicians like Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and etc. finish their lives in such a tragic manner. Probably they were too sensitive in attitude to this complicated world and that destroyed them.

Sometimes when you have everything doesn’t mean that you are happy and in harmony with yourself.



Which are the things that made you proud through your music career?


Well, Mission Jupiter is proud of finishing the album called “Architecture”. Plus, we are happy to become a part of Epictronic family, this is an excellent chance for our band to grow. As well, we are addicted to music and it makes us pay attention to details while mixing, recording, writing music and etc. That’s a good thing!

Honestly, we are just proud of being unusual, interesting and, as we suppose, unique. During our music career we have always been doing what we really love. To our mind, real music doesn’t tolerate any compromises.



Tell us your favorite stories from the road.


Hhmmm, when we are on the road we just can’t make fun. Constantly laughing! We hope this is a good sign. We think our favorite stories are still ahead.




Thank you!


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