an interview with Carlo Bellotti (Wormhole Death, Epictronic/Labels)

an interview with Carlo Bellotti (Wormhole Death, Epictronic/Labels)

Hello Carlo, welcome to Music Give us a brief bio, tell us about your labels.


Hello Chris, thank you for this great opportunity, not every media takes time to interview the labels...usually they prefer the bands. Here at our company (Carlo Bellotti Publishing) we have 2 labels. One is called Wormholedeath, the oldest, which releases and markets Heavy Metal / Heavy Rock and the younger which is called Epictronic and is more related to mainstream and mass market products...


Wormholedeath just celebrated its 10th anniversary and has almost 200 releases in the catalogue. Even if we release heavy music we have albums and singles in the charts and we can rely on a very strong distribution service provided by Aural Music Group and The Orchard. Wormholedeath is located in Italy and has one office in Tokyo and one in Los Angeles. Both the american and japanese offices release all our albums in coordination with us (Europe).


Epictronic was born 3 years ago and it's a different label. There are many similarities between the 2 labels (the high quality of the music, maniac attention for the details, website layouts) but I have to say that Epictronic is releasing way more mainstream projects and furthermore works closely with our publisher Warner Chappell Music Holland BV for singles, albums and sync. Epictronic also releases albums in the USA (via our office in Detroit) and Japan via Space Shower Music which nowadays is basically a japanese major label. The worldwide distribution is provided by The Orchard.


Name your 10 favourite bands and singers.


Christian Death (Rozz Williams only), Joy Division, Sigur Ros, The Pixies, Sonic Youth, Interpol, The Cure, Placebo, Pink Floyd, Kings Of Leon. Hope that you like them too!!

What was your fave music era and the favourite albums you released so far?


My favourite music era, was the myspace era...may sound stupid...I could say the 80's, new wave ecc ecc but actually I believe that Myspace has been the biggest loss in the history of music. At that time I have known so many new bands, labels and we have sold so many records thanx to the huge circulation of music that myspace created, nowadays facebook, bandcamp ecc ecc simply sucks big time. In regards of favourite albums I don't have any favourite albums that we have released. We have some best sellers true...Crysalys “The Awakening Of Gaia”, The Way Of Purity “Crosscore”, Guardians Of Time “Rage and fire”, Rainover “Transcending the blue and drifting into rebirth”, Dark Oath “When fire engulfs the earth”, Shadowdream “UM” and some others but I consider all albums the same...I have no favourite … I love them all anyway. The ones I do not love anymore are the ones that you can't find in our catalogue anymore. The best sellers are great indeed.


What should we expect from Epictronic?


Epictronic is like an hectic laboratory of ideas and projects. We are always working on something, every single day and we are preparing a lot of great new music. Now we have 3 awesome albums ready for release: “Architecture” from Mission Jupiter (Dream-Rock from Belarus), “Loyal Brothers” from the band Loyal Brothers (UK) and “Keep the Kick” from Guilt Coins still from England. Working on some solo albums from new signings (Still TBA), new singles from Jamie-Lee Smit, Sara Vanderheyden, Shadowdream (new album and finally live shows), american EDM with the partner label Enfire Entertainment from Beverly Hills and much more. Check our pages for daily updates!


Which are your instructions for the new musicians?


6 golden rules:

1)Be original...Find your identity and do not copy others. Rather be unmarketable than just sitting into the new “big trend”. Only the wood goes with the flow.

2)Be humble...We all have one chance in life we will only pick it up if we are humble. Being humble allows you to learn and grow.

3) Invest on your band and music: be your first label will invest on you if they will not see you as a business partner, somebody thinking big like them.

4) Write many songs...Never stop at the 10th composition and say “we have the album”...The great songs always come unexpected.

5)Never give up...Only God knows how many have given up before they were going to make it.

6) Work with a producer...Self produced music simply doesn't work.
That's my vision Chris.


How is life and the music scene in Italy nowdays?


Well Life is not great in Italy Chris... Our country is devastated by so many problems....Politicians, uncontrolled immigration (politicians), corruption (politicians), Lack of jobs (politicians) and the Banks ...We can just describe how shitty our country has gone with two words: Politicians and Banks. The music scene is basically divided in 2

1)Rap/Trap with all these italian Rappers and Trappers (we have the publishing of one album from the great Noyz Noarcos – which is serious one - with some some songs in co-publishing with Universal Music Italy) and

2) Italian Indie Rock...These bands are big...Dunno... Afterhours, Zen Circus and others...I don't like them but I have to admit that they are getting bigger and bigger. I like Sick Tamburo and Brumori Sas...I can't go much more far that that.


Who were your childhood heroes?


My rule is: No Heroes...If I have to admit that somebody reached near there I could mention Rozz Williams from Christian Death (if we were talking about music). When I was a kid I liked a couple of football players like Cerezo and Benny Carbone (Which I actually know personally) and some fighters like Ramon Dekker for instance. That's all … No heroes!


Any cool new bands you want to mention..What are you listen to laytely?


I really like Imagine Dragons and Kings of Leon...they are not new bands but I discovered them recently. I have been listening to a lot of Jazz and Frank Sinatra.

I am seriously looking for a Jazz ensemble to sign to Epictronic.

Which are the things that made you proud through your career?


Well there are many milestones in my career but I can list a couple. When we signed the administration deal in Hilversum (Holland) with Warner Chappell Music (Publishing division of Warner Music Group)... We will never forget that day. The contract with the Orchard that later has been acquired by Sony Music and we were already on board since a long time... Recently my work with Jud Friedman which is a great songwriter from Los Angeles (he has written songs for Whitney Huston, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart and even italian big singers like Elisa). Working with John Cornfield that is the producer of Muse. See some of my metal bands in the charts, “UM” from Shadowdream breaking 10 Million plays through the whole net, releasing music from Darcy Donavan and much more.


Are you working on any other projects as well?


Yes here at the company we have 2 agencies that work on B2C basis... They deliver everything that bands, labels, musicians and professionals need for their work... Starting from the website or merchandising and ending at their mix / master, CD Pressing or marketing. They provide Videos, Lyric Videos, Photoshoots, Graphic Artowrks and much more... We have a well known Web Agency in Milano. Then we have a translation service for mass market companies with big clients. An English school near Bologna and obviously all the publishing activities. Its very busy here everyday.

 Please check our company website:


Thank you!



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