an interview with Louise Crane (The Eden House)

an interview with Louise Crane (The Eden House)

Name your 10 fave bands or singers

Oh, that's pretty difficult! There's so many that I adore, but I'll name some of the main ones I love and am inspired by:

Cocteau Twins

Johnny Winter

Rory Gallagher

Dead Can Dance

Thin Lizzy

Lana Del Rey


Tori Amos

The Carpenters




Favourite music era / fave album

1970s rock, particularly British blues rock bands. Extremely tough to choose a favourite album, but I'll go with Taste, ''Taste''. Rory Gallagher's band before he went solo. Amazing record! In most of the music I love, the guitar is heavily featured. I'm pretty obsessed.


Last EH album, tell more about how I came to collaborate

I met Stephen Carey and Tony Pettitt when my old band Solemn Novena were supporting NFD in my hometown in Belfast. A number of years later, Steve asked me to be involved with the next Eden House album, based on the work I'd done with SN and Raven Adore. That was in 2013, he sent me a demo and I wrote the song that became Misery. It's surreal to think of all that's happened since then!


When will the next EH album happen?

I believe the plan with the guys is that writing will commence after completing the dates we have in the diary, WGT and Castle Party.

What are your instructions for new musicians?

Wouldn't be my place to do so! Steve and Tony are the masterminds in The Eden House and it's their vision. I think most singers who come on board generally have an idea of what it is they've created and the aesthetic they're going for musically.

Who were your childhood heroes?

The glamourous, vampy women of 60s and 70s horror films. Such as Barbara Steele, Caroline Munro etc...  also, I was obsessed with videogames. Particularly PS1 era. So, in all honesty it would probably also be a character from Resident Evil or Metal Gear Solid. In my later teens though, I idolised Trent Reznor. He is an actual musical genius.

Cool new bands? What have you been listening to lately?

Can't stop listening to the last Slowdive album that came out, last year. The self titled one. It's absolutely beautiful. Also been enjoying the music of Cigarettes After Sex and Steven Wilson's last album. But out of the music I listen to, not so much is new music, if I'm honest. I'm a bit out of touch with what's brand new and happening right now. I'm always looking for old gems of the 70s and thereabouts.

What are the things that have made you proud through your music career?

Ah, having songs I've written and sung on that have been released on vinyl. That was ''Songs For The Broken Ones'' with The Eden House and most recently, the Record Store Day 2018 ''Live In Session'' LP. A dream come true for a record collecting nerd like me! I think also, singing live with the band in a beautiful church in Leeds, and playing in the O2 Islington in London.

Working on any other projects?

I've been writing and recording my first solo album with Stephen Carey, this is extremely exciting for me. For the first time I can really do my own thing in terms of style and sound, make it my own. I've drawn on various different influences but there's a core sound and feel... the stuff we've got so far makes me really proud. I can't wait for people to hear it when it's finished. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!



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