an interview with Rusty Shipp

an interview with Rusty Shipp

Welcome to Music Give us a brief Bio.

We are a Nautical Rock’n’Roll band from Nashville, TN. We are most commonly characterized by our dark, underwater sound, haunting vocals, and unconventional, heavy riffs. The music is a fusion of grunge and surf rock, though it is most memorable for the Beatlesque chord progressions and vocal melodies at the core of every song.

Name your 10 favourite bands and singers.

  1. The Beatles

  2. Thrice

  3. MXPX

  4. The Beach Boys

  5. Muse

  6. Chris Cornell

  7. Kevin Max

  8. Freddie Mercury

  9. Michael Bouble

  10. Dustin Kensrue

What is your fave music era and some of your favourite albums so far?

Favorite music era would have to be the 90s. Favorite albums so far Abbey Road by The Beatles, Vheissu by Thrice, Jesus Freak by DC Talk, Mimes of the Old West by This Train, Throws Like a Girl by Vroom, and Point Number One by Chevelle.

What would be your advice for new musicians?

Some advice for new musicians is don’t go to college, listen to Tony Robbins, and get plugged in with whatever band you can as soon as you can and don’t hold out for your ideal music situation before you get involved with something.

Who were your childhood heroes?

Ace Ventura, Kevin McCallister from Home Alone, and my mom.

Any cool new bands you want to mention? What are you listening to lately?

Anchor Thieves and their album Monolith.

What do you think of the demise of the legendary Chris Cornell?

It’s sad because the man had so much potential left in him. His voice was still in its prime, and it seemed like he was still reaching new heights and blossoming as a vocalist and songwriter. So I’m very regretful that the world never got to see what else he could do with his talent in his lifetime.

What are some things that have made you proud through your music career?

Things that have made me proud through my music career have been playing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis, right there on Beal Street, the day after BB King died. And releasing this most recent album, Mortal Ghost, and getting amazing publicity on it. Also, getting our song, Devil Jonah, played on prime time FM radio here in Nashville.

Tell us your favourite stories from the road and the bands you liked the most sharing a stage with.

We went down to Atlanta to play at the Masquerade, which is one of the most well-known venues in the Southeast United States. We were playing at a venue downstairs there, and as soon as we finished our set, there was a band that started playing on the floor above us called Machine Head, which is a really famous heavy metal band. All the walls were shaking, so we like to tell people that we opened for Machine Head.



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