an interview with Sleeping Pulse

an interview with Sleeping Pulse

Hello Luis and Mick, welcome to Music


Give us a brief Bio. Where are you artistically right now?

Mick - I'm feeling enthused right now, I took an 18 month break from touring Antimatter and that has given me such a fountain of energy for writing new material and generating ideas. I needed this time off as the constant traveling was starting to chip away at my sanity. Now I can just get back into home and family life and its incredibly grounding. I plan to go back out in late 2018 but in the meantime I will use this gap wisely, to rest and be creative.

Luis - I just finished a long period of recording/mixing the new Painted Black album so I'm looking forward to do a little break and get my creative juices going again! I'm looking forward to what I come up for the next Sleeping Pulse album!


Name your 10 favourite bands and singers.

Mick - 10 of the big bands for me are Iron Maiden, Crosby Stills & Nash, Yes, The Doors, Ultravox, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Duran Duran, The Beatles.

Luis - Its always fun to see the generational gap between Mick and me! I would say that 10 of my favourite bands are Metallica, Opeth, Katatonia, Antimatter, The Cure, Pink Floyd, The Gathering, Queen, Dire Straits and I'm starting to have a soft spot for Soen.


What is your fave music era and the favourite album so far?

Mick - I got stuck on the late 60s to mid 70s era for so long in my late teens/early 20s that I guess I would name that time as my favourite period in music. I think it was such a fertile time as pop culture and society were going through huge changes, throwing off previously established restraints. Its impossible to name the best album from that time, but some heavy hitters are The Doors 'Strange Days', Jefferson Airplane 'Surrealistic Pillow', The Beatles 'White Album', Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were Here'... the list goes on …

Luis - Most of my musical discoveries were made in the 90s, but I would say that I feel that the music was more pure in the 60s and 70s in general and I have a soft spot for 80s Pop. I listen to music made in so many decades that is really hard to choose. My favourite pick for an album this new century is definitely “Crack The Skye” by Mastodon, but I love “The Division Bell” by Pink Floyd and that one is from the 90s and I love “Master of Puppets” from Metallica, and that one is from the 80s!


When should we expect a new album from your projects?

Mick - I've got so many projects ahead of me I will be busy for the next decade, which is quite scary. I have live stuff, archived material, new albums, guest appearances ... and also the next Sleeping Pulse album, which we should begin constructing towards the end of this year, right Luis?

Luis -The new Painted Black album will be released this year, we just need to pick a proper date, and yes we will begin to build the next Sleeping Pulse album this year! Along the way I have some ideas for a little solo project, but lets see if I manage the time for that!


Which are your instructions for the new musicians?

Mick - Do it for the artistic expression and the personal therapy. If 'success' comes then that is a bonus. Don't judge yourself against other people.

Luis – What Mick said!


Who were your childhood heroes?

Mick - I grew up in the early 80s watching James Bond movies, so, Roger Moore. I spoke to him at a Q&A some years ago and found him sarcastic and disappointing. They always say ''dont meet your heroes'' and its true!

Luis - My childhood heroes would probably be Luke Skywalker and James Hetfield. I'm a super star wars fan as also a long time metallica fan so, Iguess it is a nice combo and I never got to knew them(Mark Hamil in the case of Luke Skywalker) and maybe that is a good thing!



Any cool new bands you want to mention..What are you listen to lately?

Mick - I cant get into much modern music. I think the last album that really gave me a genuine hard-on was 'Abyss' by Chelsea Wolfe. I listen to random playlists and juggle between artists. Right at this very moment I'm listening to Cold Blood, a funk rock band from the early 70's.

Luis - I like a lot Sinistro, they are from Portugal and have crafted quite an unique sound, check them out! Outside Portugal, Soen is a band that I'm enjoying more and more.


Which are the things that made you proud through your music career?

Mick - I guess longevity itself .. I'm approaching 20 years in the music business and that in itself makes me proud. Apart from that, I suppose the guest vocal for the song 'Broken Smile' for The Beautified Project, which ended up going to number 1 in their home country Armenia, that's a proud moment. At the end of the day I'm lucky and blessed to be in a position to create music, and to keep on creating, and to have that music find listeners.

Luis - I guess every record that I released are my proudest moments. You invest alot of time and heart in them and when you write the music it becomes even more personal, so every record I manage to put out in the world are my small victories in life. Saying that, the first Painted Black album was like making a dream come to life and the Sleeping Pulse album was a special moment because I learnt alot and I grew as a person but specially as a musician. Mick made me believe more in myself and in my habilities and we created a good friendship through music which is always a beautiful thing!


Tell us your favourite stories from the road and the bands you liked the most sharing a stage with

Mick - It was an interesting experience to share the stage with Marillion some years back, and to see what they were doing, and to see what I was doing, and to realize that it was all the same thing, but just on a different scale. I think that really opened my eyes. Sorry, no stories from the road, cant remember any :p

Luis – I will always remember sharing the stage with the Australian band The Eternal, and joining them on stage to perform one of their tracks. There are some funny stories from the road on that tour, but sorry, what happens on the road, stays on the road :D



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