an interview with Erik de Vocht (Lood)

an interview with Erik de Vocht (Lood)

Hello Erik, welcome to Music Give us a brief Bio.

I started playing the guitar when I was ten years old, quite a while ago since I’m at least 48 when you read this. When I was fifteen I joined my first band, that must have been somewhere around 1983/84. A metal band off course! I’ve been in a lot of local hard rock and metal bands during the eighties. The most noticeable would have been Deafen, but when they got successful, I was already gone haha.

In the early 90’s I started a band named Pazuzu, which later became T-Nailed. One of our demo’s got picked up by a record company and so we got our first record deal. Unfortunately things didn’t quite work out as we expected and the band fell apart. In 2000, after two years of not playing at all, I joined Astrosoniq as a bass player. I didn’t have much experience with bass guitar, but I found that it suited me well, so I held up for about fifteen years. With Astrosoniq I made four records, three full length and one EP.

I don’t know exactly when I joined GOOM, probably in 2009, maybe a year later. GOOM was fun but a logistic nightmare, so our first album took five years to produce. Unfortunately I’m not that much of a talent that I can play without practicing, so the logistical difficulties meant the end of GOOM altho we never officially split up.

I’ve started LooD together with Paul, the drummer of GOOM in 2016 and we wanted to do some stuff different this time. I got a bit fed up with the stoner sound, so LooD’ s style leans more towards groove metal and grunge. Another thing is that I have switched back to guitar, which has always been my true love. It’s something completely different compared to GOOM. Furthermore we now practice regularly haha.

Name your 10 favourite bands and singers.

Actually I don’t listen much to music at all, which is kinda strange for a musician, isn’t it? So I don’t really know what’s going on in the scene right now.

Bands in no particular order: Faith No More, AC/DC, Prong, Pantera, Living Colour, Soundgarden, Clutch, King’s X, The Cult, Life of Agony.

Singers: Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Doug Pinnick, Mike Patton, Ronnie James Dio, Ray Charles, James Brown, Demis Roussos!, Neil Fallon, David Coverdale

What is your fave music era and the favourite album you made so far?

That will be the grunge era of the early 90’s, favourite album Badmotorfinger of Soundgarden.

GOOM, LooD, T-Nailed, Astrosoniq seems like a lot of bands for a musician!! Tell us which do you think are the strong points of each project.

Depends how you look at it, all this happened during a timespan of over twenty years. And in Astrosoniq I wasn’t the lead singer. I’ll go briefly through each band in order of time.

T-Nailed was a band that was experimenting with mixing of heavy rock with keyboards and electronic dance beats. I think we were a bit ahead of time, stuff that we did became more popular like five to ten years later. It was a pretty original mix of styles.

Astrosoniq is a band that consists of some incredibly good musicians, we played some really marvelous live shows over the years. People just dug it, I don’t exactly know why, right time right place maybe?

GOOM has or had (we didn’t officially split) good songs, a good sound and good chemistry between the three members. It was also challenging for me to start singing the leads again after more than a decade, combined with sometimes complicated bass lines.

LooD is the band I’m in now, we haven’t played live yet, so we are going to have to prove ourselves. But I think we’ve got strong songwriting skills and are versatile, driven by songs instead of a specific style. We’ll see if it’ll work out, at least I’m having fun in the process.

When should we expect a new album from your projects?

Around October a new EP of LooD will be released, for which the recording sessions already have started.

Which are your instructions for the new musicians?

Do the stuff you want to do and enjoy it! Go play in a band, band chemistry can be awesome and it also elevates your instrumental and communication skills. Playing with others boosts your social life too, by meeting new people and so on.

Who were your childhood heroes?

Status Quo, Buddy Holly

Any cool new bands you want to mention..What are you listen to lately? How is the rock scene in Holland?

There is a quite a large underground rock scene in Holland, but not much bands make it to mainstream. Rock music isn’t the big buck music anymore (except when your old and your band is named Kiss). Good dutch bands in my opinion are DeWolff, Death Alley and Navarone for instance.

Which are the things that made you proud through your music career?

Well, as you may or may not know, a couple of weeks ago Bidi, a friend of mine and one of Astrosoniq’s original members has died suddenly. His closest friends have put up an epic goodbye show for him and I’m very proud that I have been able to contribute. It was a very impressive day with a lot of emotions.

I’m proud of all the records I have made, I’m proud when people tell me they listen to and like my music, I’m proud when people in the audience know the lyrics better than I do and I’m proud of being respected as a musician by fellow musicians.

I really enjoyed T Nailed back in the 90s why did you split up?

Some setbacks combined. The “Drown” album didn’t do as good as expected, I’ve had some voice problems at the wrong moment, we’ve experienced a gear theft (tour bus with almost all our gear in it was stolen) all this was killing our motivation. But most important was the lack of creativity and inspiration to produce new material. We’ve spend hours of rehearsing without any satisfying results. It just didn’t work anymore.

Tell us your favourite stories from the road and the bands you liked the most sharing a stage with

What happens in the band stays in the band haha. I honestly do not remember a specific incident at the moment. Maybe it’s too early, maybe I was too drunk at the time. Sorry for that.I like sharing the stage most with bands that have friends of me in it. That guarantees a lot of fun after the shows haha.





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