INK Bio:
Chris Tsantalis/vocals, Kostas Apostolopoulos/guitars, Dra/Bass,Tsantalis Stavros/drums
INK were formed in August of 1999 in Alexandroupolis when Savas Karabalasis (guitars, samples, producer) and Kostas Apostolopoulos (lead guitar) were recording their first demo. They brought in Chris Tsantalis, a young vocalist from the area. This demo received very good reviews from Greek magazines. Then, they started immediately to record their first complete EP which was named New Day. This had a lethal mix of heavy guitars, psychedelic melodies and soulful vocals. This EP was well received as well. After this, they recorded their full length, Diαry.
They ve shared stages with acts like Jeff Martin(The Tea Party),The Twilight Singers,Puressence and they ve appeared in festivals with names such as Faith No More,Fun Lovin Criminals,Clawfinger.
In June 2011, producer Johnny Bacolas produced a track titled "Ophelia" by the Alexandroupolis, Greece-based group, INK. It is scheduled to be released in December 2011 along with their fourth music video.
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