Gian:rhythm guitar/Bass/Vocals,
Christos Kaliatsas:Vocals,
Pasxalis Nikiphoridis:rhythm guitar/Lead Guitar/Bass,
Stratos Vrahiolias/Lead Guitar,
Apostolis Terzidis/Keyboards
BEHIND THE SHADOWS starts as GIAN a Death/Black/ metal band from Alex/poli formed at 2008.The first demo cd,entitled "AWAKEN THE APOCALYPSE" recorded summer 2008 at "Nemesis" studio together with the help of Alexandros Sgourdas (Electric Guitar and Lyrics) and Friendly participation of Zion (Crossover, Hocus), Ifigenia (Crossover) Zoltan (Crossover) and Nikos (Overgarven)R.I.P .Gian (Christos Tsotras),as well known from MIND MIRROR band 1997-2008.2011 summer GIAN finish the second demo Bloody Mary at Nemesis Studio with Friendly participation from Stratos vrahiolias (Defision) and Vasilis Vourvouris but never released the demo cd.2015 Gian (Christos tsotras) gets the decision and it would be better there was a normal band and together with Pasxalis NIkiphoridis the Gian gives the name Behind The Shadows and records new and old songs 20 songs at waves studio Alexandroupoli made and the production by Giannis Ampatzoglou (Taksidiotes Psihis)Other members that were added for the recordings is Stratos Vrahiolias (Electric Lead Guitar) and with the help of Giannis Ampatzoglou is christos Kaliatsas (Vocals) and Apostolis Terzidis (keyboards) , with many friendly participation,Zion (Crossover,Hocus) lyrics and vocals for Necrophia song,Alina Collura female Vocals for the Lost Highway,Night Of The Hunted,La Morte Vivante, Gehena,and Devil Bat songs,Harris Ioannidis Lead Guitar solo for songs The Lost Highway,Nght Of the Hunted,Necrophilia (Sonicpath),Tania Devetzi Female vocals for The Hunger song (ex Sonicpath),pasxalis tsialiafas for the solo La Morte Vivante song,Giannis Ampatzoglou(Taksidiotes Psixis) Drums for the song The skeletons are marching,Lyrics of my favorite niece on most songs Vicky him,sailor altair,Lyrics for The hunger by Jim Dimitrakis Angel,Andreas Gripaios cello for song The Humans War ,Giannis Karakasidis on drums, and we would like to tell them a big thank you to everyone.

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