The Gap Rays Bio:
Costis Ray (Bass, Vocals)
Harris Ray (Guitars, Lead Vocals)
Chris Ray (Drums,Percussion)
George Ray (Guitar,Ambients)
Dimitris Ray ( Melodic Guitars)
The Gap Rays were formed on the summer of 2011,and started as a band with alternative influences..There was great chemistry between the band members and after some rehearsals,the band started to define its path.It was the path of an experimental but warm and melodic post rock sound.Now,we let our path lead us were it wants.The first line up was with Alex (ex-bass player) Billy (ex- drummer) ,Harris (vocals) and George (Guitar) .After Some collisions, the band is back underground, with 3 new members , Dimitris Ray ( Melodic Theme Guitar) , Costis Ray ( Bass, Vocals) and Chris Ray( Drums - Percussion).
The Gap Rays Videos:

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