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Οι SixStringNoise δημιουργήθηκαν, το 2010 αρχικά ως "one mans band" σαν project,μετά από την διάλυση των Hostal Handshake.
Δουλεύοντας πάνω σε κάποιες παλιές και νέες ιδέες βγήκαν 10 κομμάτια, με επιρροές από Hard Heavy Alternative Rock σκηνή, τα οποία αποτέλεσαν το σύνολο του πρώτου promo που λέγεται "Snowing Bullets While Kissing the Ground".Αργότερα η μπάντα ξεκίνησε τα live με κανονικά μέλη έως και τώρα και ήδη ετοιμάζει, το νέο self-financed album με τίτλο "Likewise" που υπολογίζεται να είναι έτοιμο αρχές 2013.
SixStringNoise formed in the year 2010!After Releasing the debut demo-album "Snowing Bullets While Kissing the Ground" as an one mans band in January 2011...10 new songs were ready to be performed live and new plans were made,about forming a 4 member Heavy Hard Rock Band with some prog elements and mostly influenced, by the new US Hard Rock scene!
In May 2011,the band finally became a complete band.
After Joining the band Alex D (Drums) and Alex B(Bass/Backing vocals),along with Markos 6SN(Lead Vocals/Lead n' Rythm Guitars), preparing and rehearshing songs ,from the debut album and cover songs for gigs in Athens.
After a short break in 2012 and line up changes ,the band started recording the new album "Likewise" and scheduled to be ready, in early 2013.The band at the same time after a small number of rehearsals,was ready for live performances!Stay Tuned for more to come soon!!!
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